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Dividing the Bread Completing Story: Crafting a Cunning Monkey’s Trick

Dividing the Bread Completing Story

Two cats found a loaf of bread and asked a monkey to divide it properly. The cunning monkey divided the bread unequally.

Dividing the Bread Completing Story: Crafting a Cunning Monkey's Trick


The Encounter With The Cunning Monkey

The Encounter with the Cunning Monkey

Once upon a time, two cats stumbled upon a loaf of bread lying beneath a tree. They both pounced upon it and caught hold of it, but soon they realized that they needed to divide the bread properly. With their tails swishing, they made the decision to seek the assistance of the cunning monkey.

The cats approached the monkey with a humble request to divide the bread into two equal parts. The monkey, being sly and calculating, agreed to help but insisted that his services would come at a cost. The cats, desperate to have their bread divided, agreed to pay the monkey’s price.

The monkey carefully divided the bread, but to the cats’ dismay, it was not divided equally. It became evident that the monkey had tricked them and had taken a larger share for himself. The cats learned a valuable lesson about trusting others, especially those who appear cunning.

The Cunning Monkey’s Strategy

In a small village, there lived two cats who stumbled upon a delicious loaf of bread beneath a tree. Excitedly, they decided to share the treat. However, the challenge they faced was dividing the bread equally between them. Unsure of how to proceed, the cats sought the help of a cunning monkey known for his strategic thinking.

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The monkey, sensing an opportunity for mischief, hatched a deceptive plan. He divided the loaf into two unequal portions, making one side larger than the other. The cats were perplexed, caught in a dilemma. They knew that one portion was bigger, but they couldn’t decide which one to choose.

The monkey smirked, enjoying his clever strategy. He had created a situation in which the cats couldn’t have an equal share of the bread. They argued and debated, unable to come to a resolution. The cunning monkey watched with delight as the situation unfolded before him.

In the end, the cats were left with unequal portions of bread, a lesson in trusting the wrong alliance. The story serves as a reminder to be wary of deceptive tactics and to seek fairness in all dealings.

The Wise Cats’ Solution

Once upon a time, there were two cats who came across a delicious looking loaf of bread. Both cats were eager to get their share, but they knew they had to divide it equally. They decided to seek the help of a wise monkey who was known for his problem-solving skills.

When they approached the monkey, he listened to their request and agreed to help. The monkey, however, had his own cunning plan in mind. He deliberately divided the bread in a way that one piece was bigger than the other. The cats were disappointed and knew they needed to outsmart the monkey.

After some careful thinking, one of the cats came up with a clever idea. He proposed that the other cat should choose which piece of bread she wanted first, and he would take the remaining piece. The second cat agreed and chose the bigger piece, thinking she had outwitted her companion.

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Little did she know, the first cat had anticipated this and was content with the smaller piece. In the end, both cats ended up with equal shares of the bread, outsmarting the cunning monkey.

Frequently Asked Questions On Dividing The Bread Completing Story

How Did The Cats Come Across A Loaf Of Bread?

The two cats stumbled upon a loaf of bread while passing through a street.

What Happened When The Cats Tried To Divide The Bread?

The cats encountered a challenge in dividing the bread between themselves.

How Did The Cunning Monkey Divide The Bread?

The cunning monkey divided the bread in a way that it was not equally divided.

Why Did The Monkey Behave Gently With The Cats?

The monkey pretended to be gentle with the cats, but in reality, he had ulterior motives.


In the end, the two cats found themselves in a predicament. They needed the help of the cunning monkey to divide the bread fairly. However, the monkey used his trickery to divide the bread unequally, causing frustration and disappointment among the cats.

This story serves as a reminder of the importance of fairness and honesty in our daily interactions. It teaches us that there are those who may take advantage of others for personal gain, but ultimately, their actions will be uncovered.

Let us strive to be responsible and kind-hearted individuals who always seek to do what is right.

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