How Coconut Oil Can Make You Healthier 

Health is all about little everyday habits that support your body and help you feel better. Some of these habits are within your reach – just go to your kitchen. Find your jar of coconut oil and prepare to be blown away because this seemingly simple ingredient can do wonders for your well-being. Let’s go through some time-proven methods that are guaranteed to give you results without intervening with your everyday schedule. 

Oil pulling

Do you want better oral hygiene and stronger teeth? Look no further, oil pulling from traditional Ayurvedic medicine can give you just that in exchange for 15 minutes of your time each morning. Research even suggests that this little procedure can support your cognitive function because it prevents some bacteria from reaching your brain. So you can have a dazzling smile and be smarter at the same time! You would still need advice from sources such as this website to pull a research paper or something like that, but expect your thinking to improve. 

Ready to learn how it’s done? You will need one tablespoon of liquid coconut oil. Make sure to melt it if it’s solid because otherwise the process may be unpleasant. It’s best to start early in the morning, before you have your breakfast and even before you drink water. Swirl the oil in your mouth for about 15 minutes, then spit it out and rinse with warm water. Finally, you can brush your teeth and go about your day. It may take from two weeks to over a month to start seeing your first results. 

Hair treatment

Do you want your hair to look better? Or maybe you’re struggling with hair loss? There’s nothing like coconut oil to nourish your scalp and prevent damage, but you can go about it in different ways. 

Overnight mask. If your hair needs a lot of love, you might want to make an overnight mask at least once a week until it gets better. Apply coconut oil evenly from roots to ends, then gently massage it into your scalp with circular motions. Cover your head with a shower cap to prevent the oil from smearing all over your pillow. After a good night of sleep, wash your hair with shampoo first thing in the morning. 

Pre-shower mask. This method works very much the same as an overnight mask, only you need to use coconut oil about 30 minutes before shower and preferably every time you wash your hair. 

Leave-in conditioner. Use a pea-sized amount of coconut oil on damp hair after washing. Apply it only to your ends and avoid the scalp before styling. Don’t worry about washing it out because coconut oil can’t damage your hair, unlike your favorite cosmetic products from the store. The worst thing it can do is make you feel a bit greasy if you use too much of it. 

Body support 

Drinking coconut oil comes with many benefits depending on when you decide to do it. If you have some on an empty stomach, it will keep you energized throughout the day and help you stay fit. Coconut oil kickstarts your metabolism and improves digestion, so it can help you get rid of bad fat and cholesterol. You might also want to drink it right before going to bed if you’re struggling with insomnia or want to make your immune system stronger. 

It’s perfectly alright to drink coconut oil twice a day to get all the benefits, but pay attention to how your body responds. One tablespoon is enough, but you should drink less if it makes you nauseous. If it works for you, it can be another little habit that doesn’t take much but offers a lot in return. 


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