Transform And Rejuvenate Your Skin With Gommage*

Every day thousands of micro-particles of dust, and dirt clog our pores, and that’s why our skin needs a regular skincare routine. One of the skin care procedures is removing dead skin cells from the surface of skin, or exfoliation. It rejuvenates the skin, prevents clogged pores, improves circulation, and makes skin look healthier. If you are looking for an effective exfoliating method to rejuvenate your skin, learn the technique of gommage. The word “gommage” comes from the French “gomme”, which means “eraser”. Indeed, if you try such a product on yourself, you will be convinced of the similarity of textures. A sticky and elastic film covers the skin and collects dead skin cells underneath.

If you feel that the cleansing of your face can not cope with any modern gel for washing, and all sorts of scrubs only traumatize, scratch,h and irritate sensitive skin, then it’s time to learn about gommage. This exfoliating method has important advantages over other exfoliating methods. Even though works on the principle of the same scrub, in it you will not find hard traumatic particles, which can easily hurt the delicate surface of the epidermis.

How To Choose The Gommage Exfoliator?

In almost every famous cosmetic brand you can find similar skin care products, they may contain special components or differ in volume, but the principle of action remains the same. In principle, as we have already said, gommage was created to cleanse the delicate and sensitive skin of the face, and therefore it is not necessary to choose it for your type any variant will do, but only to use it differently. If you have oily or mixed-type skin, the procedure can be carried out 2-3 times a week. If you have normal or dry skin, do gommage no more than 1-2 times a week.

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Benefits Of Doing Gommage For Your Skin

The chemical composition of gommage always includes chemically active substances, so-called fruit acids. They cover dead skin cells with their layer, dissolve them, and get rid of them on the surface of the epidermis. This effect is much softer and more delicate than other exfoliating methods. Due to additional components , such as aloe, ginseng, or other cosmetic components, the gommage also often moisturizes and nourishes the skin. Such several real advantages of this means make it truly unique. Initially created for too-sensitive, delicate, and thin skin, homages can be done on practically any skin type. You can apply homage not only to the face but also neck, décolletage area, and hands. By the way, you can prepare a gommage exfoliator with your own hands. Having a busy crazy time, you can always leave gommage. 

Step-To-Step Guide To Applying Gommage Exfoliator

As before any other procedure at home, those areas of the skin on which you are going to apply gommage, it is necessary to steam it. It is better to take a hot bath or use steam baths on herbs. If you have thin and very sensitive skin, it is better to skip the process with herbs. 

Next, apply the product itself. Gommage has a soft, liquid, and homogeneous texture, so you should apply it with massage movements to your entire face. Avoid applying the gommage to the eye area. When you feel that the gommage exfoliator has dried up (the face will begin to tighten), then roll the resulting film with the tips of your fingers, while holding the other hand to the skin areas to avoid stretching it. After the film has completely come off, wash your face with warm water and apply a nourishing mask or cream to your face. 

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*Always apply the new product to a small area of skin. 


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