Pin Up page on Instagram: Your main information resource for gambling

Times when gambling platforms were presented with websites are only long gone now. Big companies are building their ecosystems centered around entertainment and Pin Up is the best example of that in the form of social media pages, such as Instagram. A dedicated page on this platform allows the brand to connect people who share the same passion for the gambling industry and want to share their experiences with others. But the ability to communicate is not the only advantage of the Instagram page, because it also allows gamblers to have a primary source for all things related to the official information on the sportsbook and online casino of the brand. 

What Do People Get By Following The PinUp Instagram Page?

After opening and closing the official website of Pin-Up Bangladesh numerous times, people can get bored with it, but still need the information on all updates surrounding the brand. By following the page via the official Instagram application, gamblers get all the necessary notifications on their smartphones or tablets, whenever a new post or announcement is published. Among the top features of this page: 

  • Regular special promotions and offers for all followers;
  • Funny memes centered around the community of the brand and gambling industry overall;
  • High-quality information materials that examine the basic aspects of betting on sports or playing certain types of casino games.

The company is constantly working on improving the experience people have with this page as they utilize all the instruments social media platform has to offer. This is why some publications are made in the form of traditional posts, while others are available in stories or reels. Such a diversity of content allows all fans of PinUp to find the easiest way to get information on the aspects of the original website they are most interested in. 

The Best Case Scenario of Pin Up’s Social Media Usage

While Instagram is famous for being an image-driven social media platform, the gambling brand has found a way to give as many details on the most important announcements as it is possible with the current state of Instagram. Among the information that can be found on the page right now:

  • the current selection of tournaments. To ensure you do not miss out on an invitation to upcoming competitions, it is advisable to stay updated on the stories released by the company. They offer details on the ongoing variety of casino gaming tournaments open to everyone for participation;
  • fascinating information about betting. In order to make the most of the gambling options on the website, it is important to utilize the comprehensive details provided by the social network. It offers information about particular casino games, the most intriguing sports events, and bonuses that can be triggered;
  • additional rewards. The company frequently utilizes «stories» functionality to offer players a fast way to see new promo codes.

It is good that to follow the page, you do not need to be registered on the original PinUp Bangladesh website. The only thing you need to have is the social media account itself. 


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