Advanced Techniques in Online Cricket Betting: 3 Tips for 2024

Many top betting sites have cricket betting options. Cricket is a game where two teams play and it has lots of rules. People in England, India, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa enjoy this game. As games go on all year, folks who bet almost have unlimited choices for putting their bets. In this article, we’ll give you three tips to make your chances of winning much better. Let’s get started.

Types of bets

In bookmaker lines, for example, cricket ipl betting 1xBet, the game is represented by a huge range of bets, including both main and secondary outcomes. People can find special types of bets for the best tournaments and leagues. For example, who will win when the coin is flipped? Here, you have to pick which team will be the first to hit the ball. Types of cricket bets include:

  • The main result. It’s possible to have a tie in cricket at the first level. In this situation, people put money on the first team to win, the second team to win or a draw. A tie can also happen in test matches, so the result has three choices. In all other situations, you can only guess which team will win or lose;
  • Double chance. This bet choice is just for games that can end in a tie. There are three possible outcomes: The first team doesn’t lose, there’s no tie, and the second team doesn’t lose either;
  • Totals. A wager on the number of runs scored in a match. You can also bet on the outcome of a specific period of the game, such as after 10 overs;
  • Asian handicap. Forecast of one of the teams’ victories, taking into account the handicap, which can be zero, plus or minus;
  • Individual total. A wager on how many runs a team will score during a specific period of a match, such as the first ten overs;
  • The best bowler. Bet on the game’s best bowler;
  • Best batsman. A similar bet to the previous one, but only on the batter;
  • Winner of the Tournament. Early betting on the competition’s winner;
  • Draw of lots. You must predict which team will be the attacker.
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Three key tips

Professional forecasters employ a variety of betting strategies and consider a number of factors to increase their chances of winning. For online betting cricket bettors who want to improve their chances of winning, there are three key tips:

Tip 1: in test matches, bet against draws

This plan is good for “long” test games. Often, games end in a tie because the teams run out of time to complete the inning. But lately, the number of draws has gone down. Look at Anthony De Mello’s well-known series of matches between India and England. The teams played 60 games in all, and 27 ended in a tie. In the last 13 games of the series, only two ended as draws. In the 1980s, about 45% of tests were drawn. In the 1990s, this number dropped to 35% and in the past 10 years it fell to 27%.

Tip 2: after a coin toss, bet on the underdog in real time

The outcome of a cricket match is heavily influenced not only by skill and weather conditions, but also by the traditional coin toss. The team that bats first has a significant advantage. Thus, the batting side won 65% of the time in the 2019 One-Day Cricket World Cup. Following the toss, the live cricket betting strategy is as follows:

  • Look for a match with reasonable odds. Outsiders have odds of no more than 4.0; 
  • Wait for the coin toss; 
  • If the outsider bats first, place your bet.

Tip 3: taking a bet for the best batter (batsman) in cricket

We propose a fairly standard “Dutch” strategy. You must choose three or four players who have the best chance of becoming the best batter. And place bets on them in amounts that ensure the highest profit regardless of the outcome. You can wager on the best batter in the team as well as the best batter in the match. We recommend betting on matches with a clear, but not overwhelming, favorite to win.

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Most legal betting companies accept cricket bets and provide a comprehensive list of popular championships and leagues. When selecting a bookmaker, consider the available currencies for mutual settlements, bonuses for the initial deposit, and deposit and withdrawal methods. We are confident that our three tips will increase your chances of success and provide you with positive emotions.

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