Cricket Betting: Types, Strategies, Bookmakers

Cricket Betting

Did you know that cricket rivals football in popularity and is only slightly behind it (well, not in our country, of course)? This English national sport is particularly popular in the motherland and in the former English colonies: India, Pakistan, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and others. For enthusiasts in Bangladesh, the best online betting Bangladesh platform offers extensive options to engage with cricket betting.

There are many different cricket championships and leagues, all of which have peculiarities and rules. In general, cricket ranks first in the world regarding the number of regulations and their diversity. The game’s rules, tournament formats, and participants can all be different.

Types of Cricket Betting

Like bookmakers, cricket is represented by a wide range of bets. These are both essential and additional outcomes. Bookmakers can offer quite exotic bets depending on the tournament’s prestige. For example, which team will win the toss? This bet involves choosing the team that will bat first. In general, cricket offers a standard betting type for all sports:

  • Betting on the outcome.
  • Betting on handicap.
  • Betting on total.
  • Extra bets.
  • Special bets.

Obviously, there can not be a draw result in cricket, which makes it much easier for bettors. Prediction is reduced to the fact that choosing the winner of the two teams is necessary. Another feature of this sport is that the favourites lose very rarely here. Therefore, if the bookmaker’s line is too tiny odds on the victory of one of the teams, it can be safely taken in the express.

Betting on handicap

Depending on the tournament format, the bettor may be offered to play the teams» handicap on two items simultaneously: the number of wickets taken and the number of runs. The number of runs means the number of points scored by the teams during the match. Such offers can be found at the bookmaker 1xstavka. Other bookmakers either refrain from such offers in the line or may offer these bets independently.

Betting on Total 

Here, too, bookmakers’ offers can be varied. The most common are bets on the number of points the team will score. In the line, you can also find offers on the individual number of points of each team and the number of points the teams will score before the first wicket is destroyed. When betting on totals, you need to clearly understand the tournament format, which will be crucial in calculating the total number of wickets.

Special bets

Special cricket betting offers include the following:

  • Winner of the toss. We talked about the bookmakers» offer above. Here, bettors are provided to predict which team will be the first to bat first in the match. This offer can be compared to a football bet: ‘Which team will start the match from the centre of the pitch’.
  • Best Player of the Match. Similar to other sports, bettors need to choose the player who will be the best at the end of the match. Most often, this title is deserved by the player of the winning team. Therefore, looking closely at the team leaders and assessing their current form and motivation is necessary.
  • Best partnership. Similar to the previous suggestion, bettors should determine the best team of players in the match. Each team has a team of athletes who bring the most points. This is not a bad proposition, but you need to know the statistics of the teams and players well to make predictions here.
  • Best Bowler. Bettors are asked to identify the best pitcher in the match.
  • Best batsman. Bettors are asked to determine the best batsman in the match.
  • Long-term bets. These can include bets on the tournament winner or a comparison of the teams at the end of the game.

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