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How to Check NID Card Online in Bangladesh [2023]

How to Check NID Card Online in Bangladesh [2023]

The National Identity Card (NID) is an important official identification document for citizens of Bangladesh. Issued by the Bangladesh Election Commission, it contains crucial personal information including name, date of birth, photographs, and fingerprints of the cardholder.

Having an NID card is essential for accessing many services in Bangladesh. It is required for getting a passport, driving license, utility connections, bank accounts, SIM card, and more. With the increasing use of online services, the ability to verify one’s NID card details online has become very important.

There are several reasons why you may need to check and verify your NID card information:

  • To ensure the details on your NID card are accurate, especially if you have applied for any corrections or updates recently.
  • To confirm your identity for accessing various online services provided by government agencies and private companies.
  • To protect yourself from any forged or fake NID cards that may have been made with your personal information.
  • To prevent misuse of your private data from your NID card by unauthorized entities.

In this comprehensive guide, we will cover different methods to check and verify your NID card details through online and mobile platforms. This includes:

  • Checking via SMS
  • Verifying details on government websites
  • Using mobile apps for NID verification
  • Downloading and checking your NID card

We will also discuss what information can be checked, why NID verification is important, recent changes made by the Election Commission, and some frequently asked questions. By the end of this guide, you will have a thorough understanding of how to check and verify your NID card details online.

Ways to Check NID Card

There are several ways you can check and verify your NID card details through online and mobile platforms. Let’s look at each of these methods in more detail:

Check via SMS

One of the simplest ways to check your NID card is through an SMS sent to the Election Commission’s dedicated number.

  • You need to send an SMS to 105 in the following format:
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NID [Space] Form Number [Space] DD-MM-YYYY

  • The Form Number is the registration slip number issued when you applied for your NID card.
  • DD-MM-YYYY is your date of birth in the specified format.
  • You will receive an SMS reply with your NID number.
  • While this only provides your NID number and not full details, it can be useful for basic verification.

Check on Government Websites

The Bangladesh government has launched certain websites to allow citizens to check their NID card details online.

  • – This website of the Ministry of Land allows you to enter your NID number, mobile number and date of birth to get basic verification like your name and address.
  • – This portal by the Election Commission allows more comprehensive verification of your NID details after registration.
  • The process involves entering your info, validating via OTP, and then accessing your details after logging in.

These official government websites allow reliable and secure verification of NID card details.

Check via Mobile Apps

There are also certain mobile apps launched by Bangladesh government agencies that allow NID card verification via smartphones.

  • Online GD App – This app by Bangladesh Police allows basic verification of name, parents’ names etc after entering NID number and DOB.
  • NID Card Checker App – This specialized app by DGFI allows more detailed checking of NID card information.
  • Both apps are available on Google Play Store and easy to use after installing on your Android phone.

These mobile apps provide a convenient way of checking NID card anywhere, anytime.

Check by Downloading NID Card

The Election Commission has enabled a service to download your NID card directly through their website. The steps are:

  • Visit the website
  • Register with your NID number, date of birth, address and mobile number.
  • Complete face verification using the NID Wallet mobile app.
  • Set a password for your account after verification.
  • Finally, login to your account and go to the profile section to download your NID card.

This allows you to download a digital copy of your NID card on your device. You can then cross-verify the details on the downloaded card.

This is one of the most reliable methods of checking your NID card details as it comes directly from the central database of the Election Commission. However, the process is more elaborate than the other instant checking methods.

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What Information Can Be Checked?

When you check your NID card through the various online and mobile methods, what details can you access and verify?

  • Basic personal details like name, date of birth, photographs
  • Parents’ names
  • Current and permanent address
  • NID number
  • Fingerprints (available only on downloaded card)

The extent of details available varies across the different checking methods:

  • SMS, mobile apps reveal only basic information like name, DOB, address etc.
  • Websites like allow you to see most details except fingerprints
  • Downloading NID card gives access to all information including fingerprints

So opt for the checking method that provides the extent of details you require access to.

Why Check NID Card?

There are several important reasons why you should periodically check and verify your NID card details:

  • Confirm official records are updated – If you have applied for any corrections or changes in your NID records, checking your card will help confirm that the Election Commission’s database reflects the updated details accurately. This can help avoid future hassles.
  • Prevent identity fraud – Since the NID card contains sensitive personal information, you should check it periodically to ensure no one has obtained a forged NID card with your details. This can prevent identity theft and misuse of your name.
  • Access online services – Most online services and financial transactions now require NID verification. Checking your card will ensure seamless access to these facilities by confirming your identity.
  • Apply for visas – Your NID details may be required when applying for visas for foreign travel. Verifying the data will prove useful while filling visa forms.
  • Buy or sell property – Checking property buyers’ or sellers’ NID will help ascertain their identities before property registration. This provides protection against property fraud.

So in summary, verifying your NID card periodically has become crucial today for maintaining up-to-date official records, preventing identity theft, accessing services, and property safety.

Recent Changes by Election Commission

The Election Commission of Bangladesh which administers the NID cards has instituted some changes recently regarding access to NID data:

  • Suspended NID verification by websites – Earlier some websites like the registrar of births and deaths allowed NID verification. However, the EC has temporarily suspended this service citing privacy concerns and misuse risks.
  • Emphasis on checking directly via EC – The EC now advises citizens to only use their official websites or apps for any NID verification. This is more secure compared to unofficial third party tools.
  • Caution about sharing NID details – Citizens are advised to not share their NID details with any unauthorized websites or agencies. Your NID data is sensitive personal information that should be shared only when required for official purposes.
  • Improved verification services – To allow easy verification, the EC has upgraded services like Online GD App, portal and NID card downloads. This reduces dependence on unofficial websites.
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So in summary, the EC in its oversight role has undertaken measures to streamline NID verification systems and enhance citizens’ data privacy and security. You should exercise appropriate caution when sharing your NID details online or offline.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common queries regarding checking and verifying NID card details:

Can I check NID card with just my mobile number?

No, the Election Commission’s database only has your NID number, not mobile number. So checking NID details requires your NID number and date of birth at minimum.

I am getting error when checking NID details online. What to do?

Some common reasons for errors:

  • Site may be temporarily down, try again later
  • Enter details carefully, mistake in NID number or date format
  • New NID may not yet reflect in EC database, retry after few days

How can I download my NID card online?

Follow this process:

  • Register on with NID, DOB, mobile no.
  • Complete face verification on NID Wallet App
  • Login to your account and go to Profile page
  • Click on ‘Download e-NID’ option to save digital NID card


We have covered a comprehensive set of methods to check and verify your vital NID card details through online and mobile platforms:

  • Via SMS, mobile apps, government websites, NID card download
  • Basic details like name and DOB to complete information including biometrics
  • Addresses NID verification for official needs and prevention of identity theft

Periodically checking your NID card is important today for ensuring your identity is not misused as well as seamlessly accessing government and financial services. Follow the verification options per your requirements. But exercise caution against sharing personal data on unofficial platforms.

I hope this detailed guide on NID card check in Bangladesh helps you validate your national identity and safeguards its secure usage!

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